A single taste of Panama Red Rum might lead one to believe it has been around for decades. In a sense it has. Though formally introduced in the US in the summer of 2011, the taste and the history of this fine rum is reminiscent of another place, another time.

The place was Cuba and the era was Pre-Castro, when this country was known the world over for the quality of its rum. It was during this time that a young man came to appreciate the achievement of producing world-class rum. His name was Jim Wasson. After years of tasting rums that returned with his grandfather who travelled extensively in Cuba and Latin America, Wasson developed a highly refined taste for – and love of – premium rum. But the complex, smooth blend of rum he had experienced in his youth had since been lost. And it became Wasson’s mission to recapture that taste and to share it with the world once again.

In his own travels, Wasson sought out the man many have called the finest Master blender of premium rums in the world – Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandes. While Fernandes learned his craft in Cuba, he later made his home in Panama, the very place where the two men would succeed in producing the SMOOTHEST RUMS ON EARTH.™

It is with great pride that Panamonte Brands introduces you to the sole premium 108 overproof rum on the market today. And it is our sincere hope that you will experience all the richness and satisfaction its creators labored so diligently to capture. Introducing Panama Red Rum. Savor the moment.

The beautiful tavern owner who graces our bottle is a story unto herself click here to read the amazing tale of Panama Red.


With over 45 years Rum making experience


Francisco "Don Pancho" J Fernandez is the Master Distiller at Las Cabres. He made rum in his native Cuba for more than 35 years mastering the "Cuban method" before moving to Panama in the early 90's. He started producing rums again in Panama during the mid-nineties following the traditional and revolutionary methods that he knows better than anyone. And If being the Minster of Cuban rum for over 35 years and being the man behind the Las Cabres Distillery for over 15 years wasn't enough, he also has a degree in Bio Chemistry.

The 86 Co worked with Pancho to make Caña Brava Rum and it soon became clear to us that we were working with a legend of Rum making and we soon became humbled and honored that he was lending his craft and skills to us to create Cana Brava Rum, one that we'd be happy to make daiquiri's with on any given day.

Don Pancho was mentored by his father, Don Antonio Fernandez Castro. He was formulating his own products long before he officially entered the Cuban Rum industry in the 70’s where he would be taught the ways of ‘Carta Blanca Rum’ by Don Ramon ‘Ramancito’ Fernandez Corrales.


The ultimate expression of Don Pancho´s vision


One man, one vision. ORIGENES RUM is the ultimate expression of Don Pancho´s vision and a lifetime dedicated to the production of the world´s finest rums. This is the pinnacle of a great Cuban rum-making tradition.


Born in the jungle, bred to raise the bar


In much of the world, rum is worshiped as the pinnacle of civilization. Yet too many Americans associate the sugarcane spirit with cartoon pirates, cruise ship blenders and hangovers. Selvarey (in Spanish, Selva = Jungle and Rey = King), is determined to change what you expect from your rum.

Our White, a delicate blend of 3 and 5 year old rums aged in bourbon casks, is pure enough to be sipped on the rocks. Our Cacao, a rich 5 year old rum infused with locally sourced chocolate, is goddamn delicious.

The world’s foremost Maestro Ronero created Selvarey in the jungles of Panama in order to evolve your spirits.


The Single Estate Rum

Martí Plata and Martí Dorado are made by legendary distiller of custom quality rums, the Alcoholes y Rones de Panamá group. The production process is overseen by Carlos Esquivel, who controls the most important production details of Martí rums including growing the distillery’s own cane, using yeast isolated from the skin of pineapples grown on the estate and using select American oak barrels for aging.

As relatively dry rums, Martí Plata and Martí Dorado each serve as an excellent base for building classic rum cocktails. Martí rums contain less than 5 grams of total sugar per Liter.


For those in search for something more

Grander is an award winning bourbon-barrel-aged rum that is meticulously crafted with quality ingredients, patience and authenticity. Every drop you taste is a product of one distillery, cane to glass, and is bottled without using flavors, sugars or coloring.

Wherever your adventures take you, reach for something grander and you will be rewarded.


Cane Spirits

Panama’s year-round hot and humid climate of an average 35° C (95° F) is the perfect environment for our rum to mature under the careful supervision of our always attentive quality control team. We bottle no rum until it has entirely achieved the stated age… Panamá-Pacific’s age statement reflects the youngest rum in the blend, not not just a portion of it.

For the 9 year expression, freshly distilled rum is laid into used American Oak bourbon whiskey casks for 3 years before transition into used rye whiskey casks for an additional 6 years to complete the desired aging duration.