About Us

Established in the early 2000’s, Proveedora Internacional de LIcores, S.A. (PILSA) emerges as a Premium sugar cane distillates purveyor looking to serve customers in markets worldwide with consistent quality products.

Although we specialized in Premium aged rums, we also are able through our network of distilleries, small producers and external consultants, to offer the full spectrum of ages, blends, flavors and tastes that customers are looking for.

We are also capable of assist you with the purchase of the dry goods as we also have an excellent relation with some of the world top suppliers of bottles, labels, caps, enclosures, etc.

Panama is located in the center of the Americas, acting as hub for the most important air and sea freight operators, enabling us to take care also of the logistics from and to destinations worldwide.

Privately owned distilleries are restricted in offering only what it is produced in their own facilities. PILSA on the other hand can help their customers to benefit from our services like: bulk sales, private branding, formulation to customer specifications, large and small scale production, expert consultations, rum marketing and advisory.

Whether bulk or bottled, if true top quality sugarcane distillates are what you are looking for, please contact us, we are committed to provide the highest quality the industry can offer.



Carlos E. Esquivel G.