In 1869 two brothers from Bordeaux, Ernest and Maurice Lasserre, created MOKO Rum. With an emphasis on quality and tradition, rums were imported from Martinique and Jamaica for MOKO, distilled and aged to perfection. The result was an exceptional brand that garnered much attention and success. Sadly, the 1960s, production and distribution of MOKO Rum ceased, but MOKO’s story doesn’t end there.

Determined to resurrect this once brilliant rum brand, direct descendents of Ernest and Maurice Lassere entered the scene in 2017. With experience in both wines and spirits, Philippe Peyrat and his children, Clémence and Edouard, chose to simultaneously recreate and update the methods used by their forebears in the creation of MOKO Rum. The brand is once again delighting rum lovers all over the world.

Rum connoisseurs will love exploring the MOKO Rum collection. MOKO Spiced Rum provides notes of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, caramel and allspice – the perfect, warming spirit. If you prefer something a little more exotic, try Caribbean Rum – a delicious Rum blended from Trinidad and Tobago & Jamaica rums, aged in Bourbon casks for 3 to 5 years. For those wanting to try something even more mature, there are special 8, 15 and 20 Year Old editions.